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Our Wedding


Party band for weddings

Our capabilities can include providing the entrance/exit music for the ceremony, either traditional or client specific.  True organ sound, piano or full instrumentation.

After the ceremony, soft background music while the guests socialize, take photographs, etc., before being seated or assembled for the reception.

During the reception we can provide the necessary announcements, ie, cutting the cake, garter removal, bouquet toss and any additional requirements including providing microphone services for toasts, etc.

Dance music can be ramped up to our prominent style – classic rock but also can be geared towards specific audience needs:  swing, jazz or country.  This will ensure that the musical tastes of attendees, young or old, will have tunes that will bring them to the dance floor.

Volume level is very important for a successful event.  We take this into consideration during each and every performance.  Measurements are made based on room dimensions, acoustics and the responses from guests. 


Set-up and breakdown:  This is accomplished before your guests arrive and after they leave so that there is no interference in the flow of the event.  This includes sound checks, electrical hook-ups, etc. 


Our dress is done to complement your function.  Tuxedo, coat and tie or crisp slacks ensures that the band’s appearance does not distract but adds to the festive atmosphere.


Up to three specific songs can be added to the set list for “first dance,” “father-daughter”, etc.  Arrangements can also be accomplished if a family member or guest has vocal ability and would like to “front the band.”

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